Educate to differences

"È questione di sguardi" workshop

Acceptance toolsof one's own and others' diversity to prevent discrimination. 

The project’s objectives are: 

  • to deconstruct stereotypes and prejudices about gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability and to prevent any form of discrimination;
  • to introduce the concept of majority and minority and make people understand how it changes in space and time; 
  • to develop self-confidence and appreciate itself in all its nuances.

Methods and strategies:

The workshop willof use non-formal education techniques:

  1. We will start from ice-breaking activities to create a peaceful, fun and open to communication atmosphere.
  2. We will then move on to games that aim to bring out everyone‘s stereotypes and to deconstruct the prejudices that they can create.
  3. The course will also have moments of debate and discussion to reflect on the emotions that the activities arise and to clarify the correct use of language to respect all differences.
  4. Anonymous questionaires, videos, spots and audio material will also be used.  

All activities are conducted in a non-judgmental climate.

Articulation of the workshop 

The workshop can be structured in 2 meetings lasting 3 hours each, but based on the needs of the school, it can be reformulated. 

It can be part of a longer and more articulated path, used as a bridging module for projects to combat sexism, homophobia, racism and cyberbullying.

Purposeof and expected results Our goal is to provide students with tools, knowledge and new awareness, to be aware that each and every one of us deserves respect and deserves to be free to express one's personality.
Coming to the conclusion that the diversities, which we all carry, enrich us and all those who are around us.
Because if we change our gaze we can change the world.

Toolkit - Educare alle differenze Toolkit - Educate to differencies