È questione di sguardi

Artistic high school "Ciardo Pellegrino" students involved in a education path towards differences

È questione di sguardi is a project that aims to promote cinema and the visual and performing arts at school: a training course about the enhancement and education towards differences and on the spread of a culture that respects the freedoms of all the people, through moments of introduction to cinema, the organization of a film and visual arts festival, the creation of a jury of young people for the analysis and evaluation of films content and the production of a performance against discrimination. The project - promoted by the Liceo Artistico and Coreutico "Ciardo Pellegrino" of Lecce and financed by the announcement"Per Chi Crea" by SIAE and Mibact - involves 200 students of the high school, whose path started in January 2020 and will end in July 2020. Together with Transparent, which deals with the training course - also OfficinaVisioni, Manifatture Knos, Salento Rainbow Film Fest and La Festa di Cinema del reale.